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Australian Barley Technical Symposium Inc
Members and Management

Members of the Australian Barley Technical Symposium are delegates of the immediate past Symposium.  These delegates represent the diverse cross section of the Australian barley industry, from researchers, producers, accumulators, marketers, processers and end-users of barley and derived products.

Structure and Function


The Association is represented by a Management Committee elected at each Symposium.  The responsibilities of the Management Committee are to:

  • Uphold and advance the objectives of the Association
  • The proper exercise of the powers of the Association
  • Meet the requirements of the Associations Incorporations Act (Qld), 1981
  • Provide oversight to the organization of the biennial Barley Technical Symposium by
    • ensuring an Organizing Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting accompanying each Symposium, and
    • approving budgets for the organization of the Symposium.
  • Meeting the requirements of any funding or other agreements into which the Association has entered.
  • Delegation to sub-committees such powers as the Committee deems desirable.

The Australian Barley Technical Symposium Inc is an incorporated Association with the objective of providing a forum for exchange of information concerning all aspects of barley breeding, production and use through the organisation of biennial conferences and publication of the conference proceedings.

The Organising Committee is responsible for:

  • The organization of the biennial Barley Technical Symposium, including preparation and distribution of the proceedings.
  • Providing the Management Committee with regular reports on progress towards the organization of the biennial Barley Technical Symposium.
  • Ensuring budgets for the Symposium are approved by the Management Committee.


Symposium are held every second year and are rotated through all the Australian barley growing States.

Frequency and location of Symposia

Annual Meetings


The Association is required to hold Annual General Meetings.  In the year of a Symposia, the AGM is held concurrently with the event.  Outside of these years, the AGM is held either in association with another barley industry event or held via conference link.