Awards & Prizes Inc
(since 1983)

The following prizes are normally awarded at each Australian Barley Technical Symposium. The prizes and criteria for our (next) 19th ABTS in Perth 2019 are as follows:

Paul Johnston
Memorial Trust


Scientist under 35 years of age on 1 January of the year following the Australian Barley Technical Symposium

Originality/Innovation of research

Scientific merit


Industry impact and;

Knowledge of the Australian barley industry

Judging for the award will be conducted by a panel nominated by the Trust and may include interviews with the candidates at the Symposium. The winner will receive AUD$5000 from the Paul Johnston Memorial Trust, towards travel and registration at an appropriate international conference approved by the Trust. Travel undertaken is expected to include additional visits to Centres of Excellence and/or with prominent scientists in a relevant discipline.

‚ÄčThe winner is required to submit a travel itinerary to the Paul Johnston Memorial Trust for approval before monies will be paid and the Trust is to receive a written report of the travel undertaken under the Award within 120 days of the awardees return to Australia.


Authors must be 35 years and under, present a poster or oral paper which will be awarded by a panel of 4 judges at the Symposium. The award will be presented at the Conference Dinner.

The winner at each ABTS is presented with AUD$5000 from the Australian Barley Technical Symposium towards travel and registration to an appropriate international barley conference.

Barley Research
Incentive Award


1) Technical content: Awarded to the poster that makes the best overall contribution to barley research knowledge. Assessment indicators will include impact on the field, originality, the soundness of the research approach, clarity of presentation and overall importance to the Australian barley industry.

2) Presentation: Awarded to the poster with the best presentation. The desirable features of this poster will include the clarity of the presentation, originality, the general scientific validity of the results, attractiveness, ability of the presenter in addressing questions and ease of reading.

Both prize winners will each be awarded AUD$500.